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  • Silicone Lined Extension Beads


Silicone Lined Micro Link Attachment Beads are used to attach feather and hair extensions to the hair. The silicone lining securely fastens the extension to the hair and prevents slippage and breakage. Several Feathers can be attached into one bead.
Size: 5mm Outside, 3mm Inside

Colors: Black (Available In 5 Different Colors)

Extension Pliers And Hair Pulling Looper (Pulls Hair Through Bead) Sold Separately

Feather Extension Hair Loop / Threader For Installing Micro Beads


Hair Extension Pliers




How To Use Our Micro Link Beads To Install Feather And Hair Extensions - Step By Step Instructions

  1.  Slide the Silicone Micro Link Bead onto the Looping tool.  Choose where you want the feather or extension to lie, usually under a few layers of hair so the micro link can be hidden. Pin the top layer of your hair out of the way with a hair clip or barrette.

  2. Using your comb, select a few strands of hair.  All of the hair strands should be in very close proximity of each other. Do not make the piece too big or it won’t fit in the micro bead. If it is too small, the bead will be ill fitting. Try to get it as close to the size of the bead as possible.

  3. Place your selected strand of hair through the loop in the looping tool. Slowly pull down on the looping tool causing your own hair to come through the micro bead. Slide the micro bead lupward near the root of the hair.

  4. Slide the tip of your feathers or hair extension up through the micro link starting at the bottom.

  5. Hold the micro link, feathers, and hair in place and gently clamp down on the micro link to squish them together. You may trim the tips of the feathers if they're too long—Just be sure not to snip your real hair!

  6. To take out the feather extension, find the micro link and gently clamp it in the opposite direction to open it up using on of the bead opener holes on the extension pliers. Slip the micro link and feather out your hair. If the feather has been properly taken care of, you will be able to reuse it repeatedly.


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1 Review

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    They work!!

    Posted by Cmariee on 23rd Dec 2015

    Work exactly how they're supposed to!

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