DIY I Stick Hair Extension

DIY I Stick Hair Extension

DIY (Do It Yourself) 18"-20" Hair Extension Kit

Our DIY Hair Extensions add an accent of color to your hair without the commitment or damage from hair color.  Easy to install and remove. Last in your hair four to eight weeks depending on care, and can be installed over and over again.

I-Tip Hair Extensions

What are I Stick Hair Extensions?

I-Tipped hair extensions are also known as: shoelace tip, Flash Point and cold fusion. These extensions are applied by using a pulling tool, either a hook or loop, which pulls your hair through a very small micro ring. The I-tip extension is then inserted into the micro ring which is then compressed with special pliers – This compression holds the extension in place.

What are silicone micro rings?
These micro rings are lined with silicone which helps to cushion and protect your hair and extension and keep hair extensions in place.