Feather Hair Extension 11 - 14 Inches Long (28-36cm) Thin Fashion Euro - Grizzly Stripe And Solid Mix - 10 Pc Black

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  • Feather Hair Extension 11 - 14 Inches Long (28-36cm) Thin Fashion Euro - Grizzly Stripe And Solid Mix - 10 Pc Black


What It Is:
Our awesome feathers are soft and flexible and can be washed, curled and flat ironed. Since they are real natural feathers, each feather is unique and varies in size and shape. Our long length feathers range from 11-14 Inches Long (28-36cm) and 1mm - 5mm wide. Our Soft and Warm Collection features colors that have been hand dyed by our team of talented designers in hues of soft and subtle colors.

Feathers are soft and flexible which make them ideal for feather hair extensions, jewelry making, crafts, fly tying and even feather extensions for your pet!

What's Included:
10 Loose feathers (5) grizzly which are beautifully patterned with black stripes and (5) solid which enhance and offset the grizzly feathers.

What You Need To Know:
Beads and pulling tool (used to pull your hair through the bead) are not included but are sold separately in our store. We also carry Do It Yourself (DIY) kits which include the beads and the pulling tool.

Lengths Available:
7”-9” (18-23cm,) 9”-12” (23-30cm), 11”-14”(28-36cm), 14”-16” (36-40cm)

Our Feathers are of the highest quality you will find guaranteed! We only carry Euro-Hackle Fashion Feathers. Fashion Feathers are only bred in the USA and solely for fashion industry. Sold only to a few select feather suppliers - we are happy to say we are fortunate to be one of them! What does that mean to you? That means you can have the confidence you’re purchasing the best quality feathers on the market or you money back!

10 Loose feathers ranging from 11 - 14 inches (28-36cm) and 1 - 5 mm wide

Real feathers that can be washed, curled, flat ironed

Micro beads and pulling tool sold seperately - also look for our DIY kits

Highest quality Euro Fashion feather guranteed!

Hand dyed, color will not fade or bleed - guaranteed





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