Mixed Color Feather Sets

Mixed Color Feather Sets

With our large color selection you are sure to find a color combination to fit your style and personality. Each blend was creative by one of our talented designers and can be a combination of beautifully patterned grizzly - striped feathers and solid color feathers.

Be creative placing small groups of feathers throughout your hair style, select one or two for a more subtle look or bond all together with our keratin bonding glue for a bold statement. Feathers can be cut at the top for your desired length.

Each feather is unique and varies in size and shape. Our long length feathers range from 9"-12" (23-30cm) and 1mm - 5mm wide. Longer lengths available up to 16 inches long (40cm).

Available in many different lengths
7 to 9 Inch (18 – 23 cm)
9 to 12 Inch (23 – 30 cm)
11 to 14 Inch (28 – 36 cm)
14 to 16 Inch (36 – 40 cm)