Ostrich Feathers 6" - 8" (2.36 - 3.14 cm )

Ostrich Feathers 6" - 8" (2.36 - 3.14 cm )



These feathers have soft flowing hairs extending from the center of the quill. These feathers come from the body of the ostrich. Ostrich Feather Drabs will range in size from 6- 8 inches long and are available in a variety of colors for all of your projects. With just one or two Ostrich feathers, you can change the entire look of anything. Smaller Ostrich drabs are great to adorn band hats, flapper headbands or as a single plume on a wedding pen. Ostrich feathers are very popular in the special event Industry as a staple item for centerpieces. Ostrich feathers are gathered with no harm to the birds.

Quantity: 5 Loose Feathers
Length: 6" - 8" (2.36-3.14cm)


SUGGESTED USES: Ostrich Feathers are used for Carnival Costumes, Masks, and Headdresses. Depending on the length, Ostrich feathers are also used in Floral Decor, Wedding Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Wedding Decor (Ostrich Feather Eiffel Tower or Palm Trees), Home Decor, Holiday Decorations, Gift Wrapping Embellishments, Wedding Invitations, Feather Pens, Feather Fashion Design & Accessories, Millinery (hat design), Arts & Crafts, and more.