What Others Are Saying About Our Feathers

I have ordered feather extensions from so many sellers and I can tell you that these are the best feathers I have ever bought!! They are so vibrant and true to color. I've been wearing mine for nearly 2 months and, unlike so many feathers I've had in the past, the colors haven't washed out a bit. They are still as bright as they were when I got them. I have bright blue feathers and, unlike with feathers I've purchased in the past, these don't leak into my blonde hair or onto lighter feathers next to the bolder ones. On top of the great quality, Briana is sincerely the best seller I've ever done business with. She went above and beyond to help fix a mistake that was my own fault. Amazing feathers! Great seller! Awesome price! I wouldn't buy feathers anywhere else! Excellent service and quality!!!! I appreciate the time you took to help me out. Thanks! Jillian G Colors are vibrant and feathers are long, these are by far the best feathers I have ever purchased. I purchased the stars and stripes fade and they sold out in 1 day! Feather My Head is so great to work with.  I will not by my feathers anywhere else. Feather My Head feathers are colorful, long, and of high quality. They are so great to work with and shipping is so fast. Most popular feathers I've worked with so far! Great feathers as beautiful as the more expensive ones out there Amazing the feathers exceeded my expectations in both beauty and quality Better then I could have ever imagine!!!! The best and most beautiful feathers AMAZING CANT WAIT FOR NEXT ORDER super happy! feathers are beautiful Wow! the most beautiful feathers! very high quality! will definitely order again! Will buy again, and cheaper than big wholesalers!!